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Now, without having to pay thousands of dollars, you can get divorced, quickly and easily, with our Lawyer Assisted Uncontested Divorce forms, filled out for your situation, with our Step by Step Instructions. You qualify for an Uncontested Divorce, if:

A) You have no minor children and no property together, or;
B) You have children, but you also have family court orders of support, or;
C) You and your spouse have a written Separation Agreement.

Why The Moran and Gottlieb Lawyer Assisted Uncontested Divorce Program is so successful:

Based on the information you provide to us in the attached questionnaire, you will receive your completed and properly filled out forms, ready for your signature and filing. We provide Step by Step Instructions. We have been doing this for four years and it is a time tested and successful program. Of course, you may always call us with questions. We are lawyers licensed by the State of New York and we stand behind our work. And if you should make a mistake, which is hard to do, we can tell you how to fix it. Ninety nine per cent of our clients have been successful because the Steps and the Instructions so clear.

How long will it take?

If your spouse does not hire an attorney to oppose the divorce, your case can be filed in Court 20 days after your spouse is served. If your spouse is willing to cooperate, the case can be ready even sooner. If your spouse is living out of state, it takes 30 days to file.

How much will it cost?

The cost for our preparation of your divorce papers, your individualized and specific instructions and the right to call us for questions, is $300.00. Then, you must also pay the filing fees to your local County Clerk, which total $290.00. In addition, you may have to pay someone to serve your spouse or you can arrange to have a friend do it.

What do I do now?

Print out and fill out the Uncontested Divorce Questionnaire. Attach any Family Court Orders or a Separation Agreement, if you have one. Print out and sign the Retainer Agreement. Enclose a check payable to Moran and Gottlieb for $300.00. Mail everything back to us at 233 Wall Street, Kingston, NY 12401.

Grounds for a divorce

New York State is called a Fault State. This means that, unless you have a separation agreement, you can only get a divorce if you claim or allege a marital fault. There are five fault grounds or reasons for divorce in New York. The easiest to use are Cruel and Inhuman Treatment and Abandonment.

Domestic Relations Law: 170 (1): Cruel and Inhuman Treatment: This means that your spouse was physically or mentally abusive. Physical abuse includes hitting, shoving, injuring and breaking things in the house. Mental abuse includes name calling, yelling, screaming, obscenities, the silent treatment, refusing to communicate with you, insulting your family, etc. It is a fairly general term, which includes different anti-social, mean, demeaning behavior. These events must have occurred within the past 5 years.

Domestic Relations Law 170 (2): Abandonment: This means leaving with no intention to return and being absent for at least one year.

Domestic Relations Law 170 (2) Constructive Abandonment: This means that your spouse refused to engage in sexual relations for more than one year.

Domestic Relations Law 170 (6) Living Apart pursuant to a valid Separation Agreement: This means you have a valid Separation Agreement and you have complied with the terms, for more than one year.

New York does not permit you to obtain a divorce because the marriage is dead, you are incompatible or you think you have irreconcilable differences or you both agree to be divorced. You must choose and state one of the above grounds.

Where the parties do not have a Separation Agreement, most uncontested divorces are granted on either the grounds of Abandonment where the parties have been living apart for more than one year or Cruel and Inhuman treatment. If your allegations are sufficient and your spouse does not object, the Court will grant your divorce.

What about a Separation Agreement?

You should know that a Separation Agreement is more than a piece of paper that you and spouse both signed. It is very unlikely that a judge would accept as a Separation Agreement a piece of paper prepared and signed by both sides. That piece of paper could be the basis for the Separation Agreement, but a Separation Agreement is a legal document, which requires specific language and is usually drafted and acknowledged by an attorney.

Our Record of Success:

Ninety Nine per cent of clients using The Moran and Gottlieb Lawyer Assisted Uncontested Divorce Program received their divorce. You will be successful, too. We would like to add you to our list of satisfied clients.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call.

We thank you for your time and trust that you will be satisfied with our services.

We also offer The Moran and Gottlieb Lawyer Assisted Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Program. Please call us if you or a friend or relative are interested.


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